Our History

The history of our retirement accommodation.

The Trust was created under the Will of Dr Charles Alfred Lee, a bachelor who died in 1912.

Most of his estate was left to Trustees to provide accommodation for people who have served the Community of Hull within the previous 5 years or as stated in the deeds; (Persons who have retired and have worked, or spouse of such a person, making application within five years of such a person’s death.)

At the time of Dr Lee’s death, nurses had to live in the nurses’ home and if they got married were not allowed to continue their nursing. Consequently, when nurses retired they had to find somewhere to live.

In 1912 there was no state pension and wages were very poor. It was common for people to have a live-in job as maid, or to live “above the shop”. Dr Lee wanted to provide good quality accommodation for those people who had served the people of Hull and had come on to hard times.

The original terms have been widened to include people who are still in employment and who have resided in Hull for the preceding 5 years.

All residents must be able to look after themselves and their flats and for new residents there is an upper age of 73 years and a lower age of 60.

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