Apply for our retirement accommodation.

To be considered for one of our houses, you should ring the Manager to make an appointment in the first instance, so you can visit the site. Applications will be accepted from anyone of retirement age living the the Hull area.

You can call us on 01482 354932.

Following a tour of the site and a flat, and submitted an application form with the signature of two Sponsors, the Trustees will invite the Applicant to an interview where their application will then be considered further.

Download the application form here
Resident's Contribution to Maintenance (Rent)

Contribution to Maintenance is the Rent charged by Almshouse Associations and is accepted by the benefits Agency in the same way as Rent.

At present the Contribution to Maintenance is £87 per week (payable monthly at £377 per month) which includes the water rates, the external cleaning of windows and upkeep of the main gardens.

Residents are billed for their usage of hot water and background heating.

This may rise on an annual basis with one months’ notice. The Contribution to Maintenance is paid monthly through the bank.

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Independent Living

Independent living is about having your own front door key and letterbox, making all your own decisions, joining in the many activities in house and continuing to live your full life outside of Lees. We offer a caring community within our grounds and our residents look out for one another in a friendly and caring manner.

Lee’s Rest Houses is not Warden Controlled.